Ghostwire: Tokyo delayed to Early 2022

Ghostwire: Tokyo delayed to Early 2022
Written by Ankit Gaba

Ghostwire Tokyo has just been delayed to Early 2022 for better quality and protecting the health of the employees at Tango Gameworks.
Ghostwire Tokyo Delayed

I hope that the fans do not get angry because this is a good decision for the game itself, along with the employees at Tango Gameworks.

Here’s everything else we know about Ghostwire Tokyo so far.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is confirmed to support Ray Tracing with 4k on PlayStation 5 on launch by the official PlayStation Store.
It will also support 3D Audio and many of the other features on PlayStation 5. Sony has stated these features on the PlayStation 5 feature tab

  • Stunning visuals: With ray tracing and HDR*, the power and speed of the PlayStation 5 console allow you to explore Tango Gameworks’ unique vision of Tokyo twisted by a supernatural presence.
  • Fast loading: Get into the action with near-instant load times and traverse the haunted streets of Tokyo without load times, thanks to the PlayStation 5 console’s ultra-high-speed SSD.
  • Adaptive triggers: Whether fighting with conventional weapons or supernatural powers, adaptive triggers drive you directly into the action.
  • Haptic feedback: Feel the power of your paranormal abilities with unique haptic feedback for every ability and character action in Ghostwire: Tokyo.
  • Tempest 3D AudioTech on compatible headphones: An ominous giggle behind you. A distant dog’s bark. The PS5 console’s 3D audio will immerse you in the eerie streets of this unique take on Tokyo.

All of these features just sound incredible. I wish that they specified if the game would support 60 FPS as well, it probably will without 4k or ray tracing, but again a confirmation would have been nice.

Fast Loading is a feature nearly all PlayStation 5 games support, so it is not really surprising but still an amazing thing to see.

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