FIFA Mobile 2023 – The Ultimate Guide to Building the Best FIFA Mobile Team on a Budget

FIFA Mobile 2023 - The Ultimate Guide to Building the Best FIFA Mobile Team on a Budget
Written by Alexis

Building the best team in FIFA Mobile can be challenging, but the satisfaction of gradually improving your team’s overall rating is second to none. Multiple factors include selecting formations, targeting specific player types, and obtaining players at the most affordable prices. This article presents ideal teams with high overall ratings and cost-effectiveness, considering the number of skill boosts collectively required for each player. These tips will help you assemble the top FIFA Mobile 23 budget team.

Note: EA Sports FIFA Mobile’s dynamic marketplace implies that player prices are subject to change constantly. The approximate budget for each team is provided here, though these figures may fluctuate throughout the season. Additionally, rank upgrade and skill boost costs are computed using base values, which may vary among players.

Top Teams for Under 300 Million Coins in FIFA Mobile:

Top Teams for Under 300 Million Coins in FIFA Mobile:

Select your desired formation to develop a team with a 132 OVR: 4-3-3, 4-2-4, or 3-4-3. Budget of approximately 175 million coins for players, 105 million for rank upgrades, and 20 million for skill boosts.

Top Teams for Under 200 Million Coins:

Formations with a 129 OVR include 4-3-3, 4-2-4, and 3-4-3. For these teams, allocate roughly 130 million coins for players, 55 million for rank upgrades, and 15 million for skill boosts.

Top Teams for Under 100 Million Coins:

Establish a team with a 125 OVR by choosing between the 4-3-3, 4-2-4, or 3-4-3 formations. Set aside approximately 65 million coins for players, 27 million coins for rank upgrades, and 8 million coins for skill boosts.

FIFA Mobile 23 Best Teams: Squad-Building Tips and Tricks

FIFA Mobile 23 Best Teams: Squad-Building Tips and Tricks

  1. Target event players to save coins.
  2. Identify weaknesses in your team and utilize the market watchlist.
  3. Consider focusing on specific skill boosts to minimize upgrade costs.
  4. Balance rank upgrades across your entire starting XI.
  5. Evaluate individual player statistics in addition to overall ratings.

Best Formations FIFA Mobile 2023

Best Formations FIFA Mobile 2023

Formations with a 122 OVR include 4-3-3, 4-2-4, and 3-4-3. For these teams, allocate roughly 50 million coins for players, 20 million coins for rank upgrades, and 5 million coins for skill boosts.

Team 1
Formation: 4-3-3
Team OVR: 122
Number of SB: 6 (Types)
Approx Budget: Players 50m + Rank Up 20m + SB 5m

GK Handling
CB Defending 2-CB: Any suitable pair
LB/RB Crossing Any suitable pair
CM Passing 3-CM: Any suitable combination
LW/RW Dribbling Any suitable pair
ST Shooting Any suitable pairing

Team 2
Formation: 4-2-4
Team OVR: 122
Number of SB: 6 (Types)
Approx Budget: Players 50m + Rank Up 20m + SB 5m

GK Reflexes
CB Defending 2-CB: Any suitable pair
LB/RB Reactions Any suitable pair
CM Passing 2-CM: Any suitable pair
LW/RW Pace Any suitable pair
ST Finishing 2-ST: Any suitable pair

Team 3
Formation: 3-4-3
Team OVR: 122
Number of SB: 6 (Types)
Approx Budget: Players 50m + Rank Up 20m + SB 5m

GK Positioning
CB Defending 3-CB: Any suitable combination
CM Long Passing 2-CM: Any suitable pair
LM/RM Counter Any suitable pair
LW/RW Skill Moves Any suitable pair
ST Heading Any suitable pairing

This guide covers various budget teams and formations to help you create a powerful FIFA Mobile squad without overspending. Now, let’s explore more tips and strategies to assist you with team management, event participation, and player training.

Tips & Tricks for FIFA Mobile
Tips & Tricks for FIFA Mobile

  1. Leveraging Events:

FIFA Mobile features numerous events throughout the year, often tied to real-life football tournaments or seasonal celebrations. Participating in these events can provide valuable rewards such as players, skill boosts, and in-game currency, which can significantly help you improve your squad on a budget.

Keep an eye on upcoming events, complete event-specific tasks, and strive to reach milestones to obtain the best rewards. Events often provide unique opportunities to acquire specific cards or resources, so don’t miss out on these chances to strengthen your team.

  1. Player Training:

Maximize your budget and players’ potential by focusing on training. Developing young talent with high growth potential can save coins in the long run. Train your players to improve their stats and overall rating, transforming overlooked cards into essential squad members.

However, be cautious about over-investing in training lower-rated players; sometimes, saving resources for future acquisitions might be wiser.

  1. Scouting:

Scout players to discover affordable hidden gems from around the world. Scouting missions can yield players with high growth potential or skill sets that complement your current squad. Incorporate these talents into your team and cultivate their development to make your squad more formidable.

  1. Boost Chemistry:

Building strong team chemistry is vital for success in FIFA Mobile. Achieving high chemistry can provide in-game performance boosts like improved passing and shooting. To maximize chemistry, focus on factors like player nationality, league affiliations, or having them play in their preferred positions. This strategy will enhance their on-field performance and help you get the most out of your budget squad.

  1. Auction Sniping:

The FIFA Mobile marketplace can be a goldmine for acquiring bargain-priced players. Watch for undervalued cards in the market and be ready to snipe them at the lowest possible price. Mastering the art of auction sniping requires patience and constant market monitoring, but the rewards are worth the effort for budget-conscious players.

  1. Balancing Team Depth:

Creating a strong starting eleven is essential, but don’t neglect the importance of squad depth. Injuries, fatigue, and suspensions can occur, making it crucial to have reliable substitutes and rotation options. Build a well-rounded squad to ensure that you can maintain high performance even when key players are unavailable.

  1. Season Objectives:

As you progress in FIFA Mobile, you’ll encounter various season objectives that can be completed to earn valuable rewards. Grind these objectives and milestones to unlock players, skill boosts, and other resources that can assist in strengthening your team on a budget.


  1. Utilizing Player Loans:

Some events in FIFA Mobile offer loan players for a limited period. These loans can give you access to high-rated players at no cost. Please make the most of these temporary additions to your squad by utilizing them in strategic matches or events, boosting your chances of success during your tenure.

  1. Squad Building Challenges (SBCs):

FIFA Mobile features various Squad Building Challenges, which require you to submit a team according to specific criteria. Completing these challenges can yield rewards such as players or resources. Participate in SBCs to unlock valuable assets, but be mindful of the costs to ensure you’re not overextending your budget.

  1. Managing In-Game Currencies:

FIFA Mobile’s in-game currencies (coins, gems, and FIFA Points) are crucial in building your dream squad without overspending. Save and spend these currencies wisely, prioritizing investments that will have a long-lasting impact on your team. For example, focus on acquiring players with high potential or invest in crucial skill boosts that will benefit multiple players.

  1. Keep Track of Player Form:

In FIFA Mobile, players can experience fluctuations in form, which can impact their squad’s overall performance. Monitor your players’ form and adjust your lineup as needed, ensuring that on-field chemistry and performance remain optimal. This strategy will help you get the best out of your budget-conscious team.

  1. Analyzing Opponents and Tactics:

Tailoring your tactics and lineup based on your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses can give you an advantage in FIFA Mobile. Analyze opposing teams’ tactics, formation, and key players to devise a game plan to provide the best chance of success. Effective strategic planning can help you outmaneuver higher-rated teams, compensating for any budget constraints you may face.

  1. Rotate Players and Manage Fatigue:

Fatigue can become a significant factor as you progress through various matches, events, and tournaments. Manage your players’ fitness by rotating your squad and providing adequate rest for key players. Maintaining a well-rested and high-performing team is essential for budget teams to achieve long-term success.

  1. Stay Informed and Learn from Others:

Engage with the FIFA Mobile community by participating in online forums, social media groups or watching YouTube videos from experienced players. Learn from their strategies, tips, and advice to improve your squad-building skills and stay updated on the latest trends, events, and player values.

image of Mbappe in FIFA Mobile 23

By incorporating these additional tips and strategies alongside the previously mentioned budget teams, formations, and squad-building suggestions, you can create a competitive and budget-friendly team in FIFA Mobile. Stay committed, constantly adapt to new challenges, and enjoy refining your squad while remaining financially savvy.

Remember that the dynamic market in EA Sports FIFA Mobile means player prices are constantly changing. These approximate budgets are subject to change throughout the season. Additionally, the rank upgrade and skill boost costs provided here are calculated from base values and may vary among players.

These teams offer various formation options for under 75 million coins, providing budget-conscious players with choices that cater to their style of play. By utilizing the teams and formations mentioned above and following the squad-building tips and tricks, you’ll continue to grow a robust FIFA Mobile team while managing your budget efficiently. Explore new strategies, formations, and players to maximize your in-game success.

With these tips and team suggestions, you’ll be better equipped to build a top-notch FIFA Mobile team without breaking the bank. Evaluate your options and adapt your strategies according to your budget and preferences. Happy gaming!

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