Experience’s Turn-Based Grand Strategy Game Warnament: Demo Now Available on Steam Next Fest

Experience's Turn-Based Grand Strategy Game Warnament: Demo Now Available on Steam Next Fest
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Indie game development studio, famous for their acclaimed games while True: learn() and Learning Factory, has announced the availability of a demo for their new turn-based grand strategy game, Warnament, during the Steam Next Fest which runs until June 26th. For players looking to access the game’s latest build, a closed beta is also available on This exciting new game features a fresh take on the classic turn-based grand strategy genre, offering simple and accessible gameplay while retaining depth and customization options.

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Getting Started with Warnament: Gameplay Pillars

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Warnament is designed to simplify the complexities of traditional grand strategy games while providing players with a high level of customization and engaging gameplay. Players can participate in single-player campaigns or compete in online multiplayer mode to attempt world domination. The game encourages players to select a country, adopt one of six political regimes, from Democracy to Fascism, and utilize diplomacy, trade, and warfare to expand their nation’s influence.

An Accessible yet Deep Strategy Game Experience

Drawing inspiration from the classic board game Risk, Warnament offers a straightforward interface and mechanics that allow players to quickly immerse themselves in its global strategy setting without facing steep learning curves. The game enables players to switch political regimes, progress through technology trees, govern individual provinces, and build defensive infrastructures to protect their territories.

When conquering enemy nations, players can deploy their forces by air, land, and sea and even resort to using chemical or nuclear weapons should they choose to push the boundaries of warfare rules.

Powerful Map & Scenario Editor for Customized Gameplay

Image from Warnament has incorporated a robust map and scenario editor in Warnament, allowing players to create their unique worlds and share them with others. During the closed alpha stage, the community has already generated 16 maps and over 50 scenarios that span various historical periods from the Roman Empire to the present day.

Developed by a small yet dedicated team comprising ne programmer/game designer and one artist, Warnament is the spiritual successor to the massively popular game Cold Path, which has garnered over 1.2 million downloads. In appreciation of the game’s community, Cold Path is now available free of charge.

Key Features of Warnament

  1. Accessibility: Dive into global domination battles within minutes.
  2. Depth: Various political and military instruments for hours of engaging gameplay.
  3. Flexibility: Includes a scenario editor and standalone map editor.
  4. Multiplayer Options: Single-player and multiplayer modes, with standard and roleplay servers.
  5. Active Community: A passionate and committed player base.
  6. Addictive Gameplay: The “one more turn” gameplay effect is guaranteed.

If you are a fan of grand strategy games and crave an accessible yet deep gaming experience, Warnament is a title to watch out for. Dive into this engaging demo during the Steam Next Fest, or sign up for the closed beta available on With a high level of customization, an active community, and the ability to create and share unique worlds, Warnament is set to become a popular addition to the world of grand strategy games. Mark your calendar for the Steam Next Fest, and watch for the exciting developments in Warnament’s gameplay and features.

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