EA patents Voice Controlled Video Game Characters

EA patents Voice Controlled Video Game Characters
Written by Ankit Gaba

Last month EA filed a patent which is about Voice Controlled Video Game Characters. In the patent, it was stated:

“Systems and methods are disclosed for enabling a player of a video game to designate custom voice utterances to control an in-game character. One or more machine learning models may learn in-game character actions associated with several player-defined utterances based on player demonstration of desired character actions. During the execution of an instance of a video game, current game state information may be provided to the one or more trained machine learning models based on an indication that the player spoke a given utterance. A system may then cause one or more in-game actions to be performed by a non-player character in the instance of the video game based on the output of the one or more machine learning models.”


This basically means in simple wording that players can control a character’s actions with just their voice. For example, when you say “Hide,” the character hides, and when you say “Run,” the character runs and different transitions like that based on what you say. It seems pretty weird from the patent, but I’m interested to see how Electronic Arts will use this feature in their games. I think this feature could work on Turn-Based Games, but I’m not sure how this feature could work on EA games such as FIFA or even Titanfall and Need For Speed.

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