Dying Light 2 features Microtransactions

Dying Light 2 features Microtransactions
Written by Ankit Gaba

Dying Light 2 will feature Microtransactions according to its latest ESRB Rating, which makes a clear mention of In-Game Purchases.
I have always been against the idea of Microtransactions in Single Player games, but since Dying Light 2 is going to have a Multiplayer mode, it kind of makes sense to put cosmetics and skins in it to boost profit. I really hope that this game ends up being good because the development process hasn’t been “great” clearly.
There is supposed to be a Dying Light event Today as well. You can watch it on their official twitch at 9PM CEST.
It is also coming to Last-Gen Consoles according to the ESRB rating, so the port did not get cancelled, which is a great thing for those who still cannot manage to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. It is really tough to get one which is going to become easier, at least for PlayStation, because Sony is working on a new model of PlayStation 5 in hopes of ending this shortage. Jim Ryan has also stated that they might be able to meet public demands by the end of this year.
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