Beyond Good and Evil 2 will have External Play Testing soon

Beyond Good and Evil 2 will have External Play Testing soon
Written by Vince Abella

It seems that Ubisoft’s supposedly dead sequel Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still, despite everything, alive, according to reports from Tom Henderson. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is one of the most infamous titles in gaming history, particularly for how it still hasn’t been released more than a decade after being teased and roughly half a decade after gameplay was showcased. The original game remains one of Ubisoft’s most acclaimed titles, finding itself on numerous lists about the greatest games ever made, but the sequel has left fans concerned and wondering where the game has gone. Fortunately, reports from Ubisoft’s meetings and sources have provided information about Beyond Good and Evil 2’s continuing development. 

Image from Beyond Good and Evil 2

In an investor Q&A held by Ubisoft, Beyond Good and Evil 2 was one of the many games said to still be in development by their teams, among many others. It was said by sources that the upcoming sequel is set to begin external playtesting within the month. These playtests are reportedly going to be far more extensive than the studio’s previous playtesting. As of now though, the last fans have seen of the franchise was its gameplay update and cinematic trailer years ago, with no new footage since. Ubisoft Forward will be coming later this year though on September 10th so if Beyond Good and Evil 2 were to make an appearance, it is likely that it will be there. Currently, there is no slated release date or designated platforms for the game, but with development still going, it is clear that it is definitely not dead in the water.

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