Scarlet Nexus Day One Patch is 2.3 GB and Here are the Patch Notes

Gameplay Image from Scarlet Nexus
Written by Ankit Gaba

Scarlet Nexus is officially set to release on 25th June, and the Day One Patch is already up for reviewers. The Day One patch of Scarlet Nexus is around 2.3 GB on PlayStation 4

Patch Notes

    • -Added function to receive add-ons.
    • -Added function to convert save data from PlayStation┬«4 version to PlayStation┬«5.
    • -Added settings to the options screen.
    • -Added request events at Musubi.

Image from Scarlet NexusThey might have another patch for this game since it is not already out, but this is a part of the Day One Patch. If they release another Patch, we will keep you updated.
It’s great to see developers fix issues like this before release of the Game. I really cannot wait to play Scarlet Nexus the demo was a blast. Hopefully, the full game turns out to be as good as the demo too.
The size of this game on PlayStation 5 is 14.3 GB. I expect the size of this game to be around 15 or 16 GB on PlayStation 4.
I will be reviewing Scarlet Nexus on Gaming Route so keep an eye out for that.
What do you think about the Scarlet Nexus Day One Patch? Please let us know in the comments below.

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