New Model of PS5 is 300 Grams Lighter

New Model of PS5 is 300 Grams Lighter
Written by Ankit Gaba

Previously we reported about a New Version of PS5, and now it has been confirmed apparently, it is 300 Grams Lighter as well. This information was revealed via a new Safety Guide Manual for PlayStation 5. PS5 digital weighs 3.9KG, and this new model is 300G less than that.
Here’s the difference between the previous model and this new model in terms of hardware:
Difference between old PS5 Digital and new model of PS5 Digital

As you can see in the image given above, there is only a change in the weight.
This model has already been listed at several retailer sites in Japan. I hope that it somehow manages to improve the restock situation, and Sony is able to produce more consoles because of this change.
We do not know what they changed, but we do know that they used some new type of screws; if that’s all, then I doubt if this restock situation will get better anytime soon despite Jim Ryan promising a higher number of units in restocks.
I hope that Sony does something about this restock situation as soon as possible because many people are still not able to get a PS5, and they have to pay more than 700$ to scalpers to get a PS5.
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