Necromunda Underhive Wars Review

Necromunda Underhive Wars Review
Written by Ankit Gaba


Necromunda Underhive Wars

Platforms: PCXbox One, and PlayStation 4

Platform Reviewed On: PS4
Developer: Rogue Factor
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Price: 39.99$

Necromunda Underhive Wars is an excellent game with amazing graphics and transitions in cutscenes. It looks like a high-quality AAA game. Necromunda Underhive is a strategy, turn-based shooter. It’s excellent, and the gameplay is fantastic, but I have never played any other game like this, so it took me a while to get familiar. The closest thing I have ever played the Necromunda Underhive Wars is Worms. Necromunda is a great game overall, but I had some issues with it like the frame rate would have significant dips during some cutscenes.

Before playing the gang mode, Necromunda Underhive Wars asks you to complete the story so you can have more experience. I would recommend you to play the campaign mode first too because it made me way more experienced and made gang mode a bit easier for my the story of Necromunda Underhive Wars starts in the deep below hive cities of Necromunda where you will have to lead, customize and grow your gang the information is excellent. Still, it feels short. The narrative is excellent too, as I mentioned before; it looks like AAA games in terms of cutscenes.

In Necromunda Underhive Wars, you take to attack your enemies and strategize your moves like you have to choose which place you’ll attack your enemy from and hide in a safe place after that like a place where your enemies are unable to attack you. Another issue I had with Necromunda Underhive Wars was the AI sometimes the enemies would do the stupidest thing in the campaign they’d kneel and jump then end their turn it made the game less challenging also the game kind of lacks content it got very boring after the first 15 hours and repetitive since it doesn’t introduce any other major mechanics. Hopefully, the developers’ Rogue Factor will add more content to it in their upcoming updates. Still, if you are looking for something to play with your friends, I’d suggest you buy Necromunda Underhive Wars because of the 4-way online gang fights.

The gameplay itself was very fun for some reason. Just like I mentioned before, you have to find different ways to attack your enemies, then hide or position in a place where your enemies are unable to attack you. You can also set traps in Necromunda Underhive Wars to kill your enemies. You will have to lead, customize, and grow your gangs of Escher, Goliath, and Orlock in Gang Mode. All of these gangs are different and have unique abilities. You will have to specialize in them and send them to battle with other gangs in the tactical gunfight.

Every gang has it’s own perks, abilities, stats, and colors. You’ll have to get used to one of the gangs to be able to fight properly. I got used to fighting with Goliath. It was better than the other two gangs, in my opinion. You should create your gang very carefully based on the style of your playthrough from the campaign. Every fighter is highly customizable in loadout and appearance and has to access a career that late unlocks further skills, traits, weapons, and visual elements.

The Verdict:

Overall, Necromunda Underhive is a great experience that I would recommend you if you are really into 3D Turn-Based Strategy games, but it does have a few issues. It lacks content, and there were frame rate issues too. Hopefully, the developer’s Rogue Factor will come up with a fix for the frame rate issues and add more content in Necromunda Underhive in their upcoming updates. Necromunda Underhive Wars has some bugs too. Sometimes my character wouldn’t move or attack at all, and the AI is quite bad. You should wait for some patches if you aren’t into 3D Turn-Based Strategy Games.


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