NBA 2K22 will be 93GB on PlayStation 5

NBA 2K22 will be 93GB on PlayStation 5
Written by Ankit Gaba

Recently it was revealed that NBA 2K22 would be 93 GB on PlayStation 5, which is pretty big considering that NBA 2K21 was
around 40 GB.
NBA 2K22’s rollout has been pretty meh, too; people have been complaining about it left and right; I believe it is rightfully so
because there has clearly been a lack of information about the game. Hopefully, 2K’s marketing and public relations team is
working on something for that.

NBA 2K22 - First Look - Dirk Nowitzki

I’m still confused why the game size on PlayStation 5 is so big despite the Kraken Compression, and Sports games are usually
less than 60GB; let’s just hope that all of that is packed with some brand new content we would never expect in an NBA game.
The NBA 2K22 Soundtrack seems pretty good you can check it out by clicking here.

Just remember that this 93GB of Content is without the Day One Patch; it’s most likely gonna be around 100 with all the
patches applied; let’s just hope that the game ends up being good and has a lot of content (Most likely the case for the 93GB

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