Mass Effect Legendary Edition will have a 11 GB Day One Patch

Written by Ankit Gaba

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is set to release on 14th May; it seems like the Day One Patch is already out, possibly for Reviewers, but we cannot confirm if the review keys have been sent out yet or not. This Patch is supposed to be 11 GB, and the patch list states that it will do several things, including Improving Performance, Improving Stability and Fix Crashes, Improvements to Ambient Occlusion, Lighting Improvements (Both visual and performance-related) and Miscellaneous Content Fixes. It’s great that they are fixing the game before it’s out with the Day One Patch, but it is somewhat bad for some people who support the Physical Games Conservation.
Let’s hope that after the Day One Patch Mass Effect, Legendary Edition does not have any big game-breaking bugs or some frame rate issues. We will be reviewing Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Gaming Route whenever we receive a key, and the embargo is over, so please stay tuned.
Source: Sony Database
You can pre-order Mass Effect Legendary Edition here:
Xbox One
I really hope that there is a next-gen upgrade after the game launches; there are no plans for it currently, according to BioWare.
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  • Releasing a “Legendary Edition” to bring a game series up to current standards, but releasing it late enough for it not to be up to current standards is baffling. If you’re putting a game out 6-7 months after a new generation launches, the game should take advantage of the new hardware. They’re basically releasing a PS4 game during the PS5 era. At least say you’ve got an upgrade planned. Ray Tracing and 60 FPS would make a huge difference in a series like Mass Effect. Just sad to see that the games are outdated before they even release.

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