Is Weird West the Game that Western Fans Have Been Waiting for?

The western genre is prevalent throughout every subsector of the gaming industry, and interest in it has been particularly high since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018. As a result of Red Dead’s success, quickplay online games rose rapidly around the time, as they didn’t take too long to develop.

However, it has taken console developers slightly longer to come up with their own options. This will change in 2022, with a few Wild West offerings set to hit consoles. The most exciting of these could be Weird West.

Genre is Massive Right Now

The WolfEye Studios offering is going to drop to an enormous readymade audience who have been eager for a new console outing in the Wild West since they finished playing as Arthur Morgan in RDR2. The Rockstar Games title has been described as one of the best titles ever created, and it has been really hard for any other games on the market, since it was released, to live up to it. Not only were the characters and storylines enjoyable and engaging, but the vibrant scenery helped players get lost in the game.

There have been a few games in the years since then that have allowed players to get their Wild West fix. Some mobile game titles include Guns and Spurs, Guns’n’Glory, and West Gunfighter. Nonetheless, the online casino industry is, by far, the most accommodating for this genre with various mobile titles including that of the Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist from NetEnt, which harks back to all the great western films from the golden age of the genre. This is one of the games that come with free spins no deposit bonuses at various online casinos, meaning that it is a huge draw for players.

The fact that this genre is so huge in all areas of the gaming industry highlights how Weird West could be an immense success. It could draw people in who enjoy these simpler titles and want to try something with a different style.

Weird West Set for March Release

Weird West will be out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows in March this year, with Devolver Digital publishing the WolfEye Studios game. Perhaps taking inspiration from the Rockstar Games title that reinvigorated the western genre in games, this new title is designed to be highly immersive.

For example, players have the option of selecting a game mode that means they won’t respawn. Choosing this would require them to start at the beginning again after dying. In all game modes, player actions remain permanent, meaning that it is essential to think carefully before doing anything.

There are high levels of interactivity with the surroundings in the game world, so it will appeal to players who enjoy controlling their own fate. It also features a heavy focus on action, with a twin-stick shooter mechanic.

Weird West offers some of the traditional tropes of the Wild West, but it has a unique take that should be a major draw. It mixes the genre with fantasy elements, so players will encounter mythical creatures on their journey. With westerns being much-loved in the gaming industry, this offering could be a hit.

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