Forza Horizon 5 will run at 4K30 FPS on Xbox Series X, and It will feature a 60FPS Performance Mode

Forza Horizon 5 will run at 4K30 FPS on Xbox Series X, and It will feature a 60FPS Performance Mode
Written by Ankit Gaba

Recently Playground Games revealed their next game Forza Horizon 5 which looks stunning and it is set in Mexico just like the rumours said. Forza Horizon 5 is set to release in November as it was officially confirmed by Playground games sadly the rumours of it releasing in September turned out false

In the Forza Horizon, 5 FAQ Playground games stated

“Q: How does Forza Horizon 5 perform on Xbox Series X|S?
A: On Xbox Series X Forza Horizon 5 will feature 4K resolution at 30fps, on Xbox Series S Forza Horizon 5 will play at 1080p resolution at 30fps. Both platforms will feature a performance mode that runs at 60fps.

Q: What Xbox Series X|S features does Forza Horizon 5 take advantage of?
A: Xbox Series X|S enabled us to provide players with the most technologically advanced Forza Horizon experience yet. The power of these Xbox Series consoles has enabled us to deliver incredible realism and immersion with a world rendered in higher detail and with extreme draw distances. Forza Horizon 5 runs at 4K 30 FPS on Xbox Series X and 1080p 30 FPS on Xbox Series S. For players that prefer to optimize for framerate, we are providing a performance mode option that will run at 60 FPS.”

Image from Forza Horizon 5

4K 30 FPS is basically confirmed for Xbox Series X I am pretty sure it will run at 1440p (2K) Resolution at 60FPS on Xbox Series X.
Xbox Series S will play this game on 1080P 30 FPS so at this point I think if there is a 60FPS mode for Xbox Series S it will make the game run at 720P Resolution.
Forza Horizon 5 is coming to last-gen consoles as well but there is no word on how it will run on those consoles.
What do you think about Forza Horizon 5 featuring a performance mode along with 4K30 FPS on Xbox Series X? Please let us know in the comments below.

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