Bingo: The Game That Keeps Going

Bingo: the game that keeps going

When the earliest known version of bingo was played in Italy in 1530, very few of its early adopters would have envisioned it still being popular almost 500 years later. You have to wonder how the game once known as Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia became one of the world’s most popular past-times. One key factor has been the sheer number of variations and its ability to suit different. Let’s explore some of those variations on the classic formula and examine how it has stayed in the public consciousness. 

Deal or No Deal Bingo and beyond

First and foremost, modern adaptations of the classic game have drawn inspiration from pop culture. For example, Deal or No Deal was one of the most popular gameshows in the United States and the United Kingdom. Throughout its run, it was watched by millions in both countries, which is perhaps why developers sought to use it as a theme for other forms of media. One of the most popular adaptations is the bingo game online, called Deal or No Deal Bingo 75. Fans of the gameshow are eager to play titles such as these due to the familiar aesthetic and references that make you feel like you’re competing on your favorite show.

In addition, other online bingo games such as Paddy’s Speed Trap and Rainbow Riches Bingo have become firm favorites with fans, though opting for a classic Irish-luck theme. The rate at which new bingo games are being released is phenomenal, and nowadays almost any celebrity, TV show or film can experience a bingo adaptation. 

You can also play on your games console

Another reason why bingo has remained popular with audiences is because of how convenient it is to play. Numerous gaming consoles support gameplay, as well as the standard mobile or PC device. Perhaps a games console wouldn’t be your port of call to play bingo, but there is some decent choice. For those with an Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S, for instance, you can play Bingo Hall. It is a fairly straightforward take on the game but does take advantage of the Xbox’s capabilities by offering online play against other gamers. BINGO for Nintendo Switch is also worth a go. It is similar in style to the Xbox game mentioned. Neither of these games has set the world on fire in terms of sales, but they are good options for bingo lovers.

Where could it go in the future?

With technology constantly changing, bingo fans will want to know what could be used to create a new and exciting version of online bingo. The advancements in virtual reality (VR) are worth looking at. Could this be where the next version of this iconic game comes from? For all the talking amongst industry experts, it hasn’t necessarily become the killer hit that some experts thought it would be. The Xbox Series X/S, for example, doesn’t have VR support. The technology could serve the purpose of creating party games that might be suitable for less traditional gamers. That is where VR Bingo has tried to come in and certainly tries to create a new gaming experience. Developed by Babaroga LLC, the game uses bingo as a tool for defeating aliens. That all sounds crazy, but it is worth a look.

Don’t forget your local bingo hall

So it’s clear to see that virtual and online bingo is extremely popular, and developers could still take it in multiple directions to create new variations. However, there’s also plenty of evidence that people still love to play the game in person or attend their local bingo hall. Some research has suggested there are still 50,000 bingo halls across North America and millions of regular players. Throw that online popularity into the mix, and it’s clear that bingo’s popularity is not going away anytime soon.

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