WWE 2k20 has a bug that doesn’t let people play the game in 2020 Here’s a way to fix it

Written by Ankit Gaba

Yes, it’s true WWE 2k20 doesn’t let gamers play the game without crashing in 2020. You cannot create anything if you try to the game will immediately crash, It will also crash if you go to the originals menu. The only way to fix this bug currently is to change your system to any date in 2019. Most modes don’t work if you are playing with a system date of 2020 they will automatically force the game to close, Once you do this to fix your crash you can change your date back to normal it won’t force the game to close anymore. They seriously need to fix the bug by themself so people don’t get confused and can enjoy the game without this bug. Visual Concepts should definetly take 2 years to create their next game. We believe that this game is so messy because of the rushed development and the departure of Yukes from the team.

Thanks to the twitter user @TheShiningDown who found a fix.

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