Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon will run at 4K 60FPS on Xbox Series X

Written by Ankit Gaba

Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon is set to release in November; recently, SEGA Updated the store page on the capabilities section; it says that Yakuza 7 will be optimized for Xbox Series X and will feature both 4K and 60FPS. Now we don’t know if it’ll feature both 4K and 60FPS together or as a choice.

Yakuza 7 is also coming to PlayStation 5 in 2021; it’ll probably feature similar enhancements on PlayStation 5 too.


Yakuza 7: A Dragon is supposed to come out later this year. Yakuza 7 Like A Dragon will be much more than a normal Yakuza Game. It’s not just a new chapter in the Yakuza series, just like the name itself. Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be completely reimagining the entire franchise, and it will be a landmark which will coincide with the series’ 15th Anniversary Yakuza 7 will be much more large scale than any other Yakuza Games it has the setting of Ijincho in Yokohama people will be able to explore an entirely new place of Japan which has never been in a Yakuza game Yakuza’s combat system is also completely different in Like A Dragon it replaced the brawling action with a new turn-based RPG style battle system.

Hopefully, this new reboot of the Yakuza series is as good as the original games, and the turn-based combat system is as fun as the original brawler type combat of Yakuza games and captures the essence of Yakuza and doesn’t disappoint the fanbase.

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  • I don’t think it’s 4k 60 that says capabilities and could mean pc version right? Since x Xbox and pc listed as platforms

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