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Xbox To Get Many New Exclusives On This Year’s E3.

Written by Ankit Gaba

Well E3 is just a month away and nearly everyone is hyped about the e3. But some people are still thinking that will Xbox Get any new games? and we have an answer for that. Phil Spencer said that “I know Xbox has no new games or the same old stuff so We will show you guys some new games this year and many franchises will be making a return” Well he said many franchises could be making a return. Does he mean that a new halo, gears and a new fable game? and he really appreciated god of war that means Xbox could get a god of war type of game. We already know that we will get Forza horizon 4. Because there is a new Forza game every year. Imagine a new alan wake game or a new dead rising game. Hell Yeah, even a new Ryse Son Of Rome Game. But sadly we won’t get a sunset overdrive sequel. Because they don’t have the company under them that made sunset overdrive

Last month, Darrell Gallagher, the former head of Crystal Dynamics, joined Microsoft Studios’ executive leadership team. Microsoft Studios head Matt Booty shared the news on Twitter, saying that he was “excited to share more at E3.” Gallagher also teased a possible announcement for the event, tweeting, “Good things to come #E32018.”

The job listing may tie in with whatever Gallagher has been working on. Microsoft’s E3 press conference is scheduled for June 10, so there’s not long to wait until we find out.

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