Xbox sends a survey asking Series S/X owners if they want the features on Xbox Controller that are currently on DualSense

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Written by Ankit Gaba

Xbox is sending out Surveys to people asking if they want PlayStation Controllers’ features on Xbox Controllers. This could mean that they want to create a newer version of the Xbox Controller with features like the touchpad and Haptic Feedback. Nearly everyone in the industry has praised Haptic Feedback. Xbox might be looking to compete with PlayStation more since their controller does not improve significantly compared to Xbox One Controller PlayStation entirely remade their controller with unique features such as Haptic Feedback. I think Xbox is trying to use features similar to this on their next version of Elite Controllers.

You can see a screenshot of the survey below:

The Context of the emails sent by Microsoft was
“We want your feedback!

As part of our desire to hear more from our users, you’ve been selected to participate in a survey about your experience using Xbox consoles…

…You’ve received this email because you’ve opted-in to contact from Xbox and/or Microsoft. For this survey, we’ll process some personal data, such as your email address. Your email is used to send this survey and shared with Alchemer to email the survey invitation. We will anonymize all identifying information no later than 30 days after the survey closes. Your privacy is important to us, and we’re committed to handling personal data responsibly.”
Basically, they ask the Xbox Users if they would like to see these features on Xbox Controller, currently only available on Dualsense.”

Source: Reddit

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