Xbox is Giving Away Games To watch E3 On Mixer And Halo 6 Expectations

Written by Ankit Gaba

Yes, It’s True anyone who watches Xbox’s E3 briefing on Mixer Will Get 3 Free games and Dlcs same as last year. Last time they gave away Rare Replay And 2 other indie games. With Some Dlcs But what will we get this year?

Expectations for Halo:


Split Screen: Halo 5 disappointed people without having split screen. Split Screen was one of the best features in Old halo games. But 343 Industries ruined halo five without having split screen. Split screen was such a cool feature. It was profoundly loved by old Halo players. It’s Confirmed that we will get split screen in Halo 6. Because earlier in 2017 343 Industries told that split screen is one of the best features in halo, and it was missing from Halo 5 but don’t worry guys it will be back in the next halo game.

A Good Story: People were disappointed with the story of Halo 5 as it felt boring. A good story would improve Halo 6’s first impression and make people instantly buy the game just like the god of war has a great campaign a got a lot of success.  Everyone loves a good campaign. The best fight in Halo 6 would be master chief vs locke. That would impress a lot of people if master chief vs locke happened in halo 6.

A Better Multiplayer: Halo 5’s Multiplayer sucked for many reasons. We want a better and a new innovative multiplayer. Not a reskin of Halo 5’s multiplayer. We want a multiplayer like Halo 3 or Halo 2 because they had a great multiplayer everyone loved multiplayer in Halo 3 and Halo 2.

No Battle Royale Mode: Please 343 Industries don’t ruin halo’s multiplayer with a battle royale. Battle Royale modes are overused they just don’t fit in some games. We want a new mode, not a battle royale mode because battle royale modes are just too popular and they are too boring.

The Genre Battle Royale is like too overused. Developers are using the genre battle royale so much that now everyone is so bored of it. Battle Royale sucks. After 15-20 matches in a battle royale game, you would start getting bored, and only one

person wins in battle royale if you lose you get nothing.

Even if you win, you still get nothing. No one cares about your wins at PUBG or Fortnite. Because they don’t even like the battle royale genre. The developers are using battle royale on like all of the games. Fortnite was supposed to be a zombie game, But now? It’s a battle royale game. Congratulations epic games you have made the battle royale genre even more boring, and you still want us to pay to buy save the world? Great. You have just completely Destroyed battle royale. Now battle royale games are filled with kids. Well was battle royale supposed to be in black ops 4? No, the campaign was supposed to be in Call of duty black ops 4. Thanks to the success of PUBG. Activision has removed the campaign and replaced it with a battle royale mode. Thank you, Activision For Screwing your self. Now we all now Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 will flop just because of no campaign. Well, not all the developers want battle royale as Take-Two Interactive (parent company of 2k and rockstar games) said they don’t want battle royale. If they wanted the battle royale mode they would have added it to a Game Of The Year contender Red Dead Redemption 2. Thank You Take-Two Interactive for declining the genre battle royale. Ubisoft Doesn’t like the genre battle royale as the CEO of Ubisoft in an interview said that “we are not interested in the genre battle royale because most of our fans don’t like battle royale games” It’s the same thing with Bethesda They don’t like battle royale too. Well that’s a good thing because all games don’t need a battle royale mode.

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