Xbox Gamepass Will Include Upcoming Xbox Exclusives On Launch

Written by Ankit Gaba

Xbox Gamepass is a membership available on Xbox One. You can download over 100 games for just 10$ per month. But That’s Not It Sea Of Thieves, Crackdown 3 And State Of Decay 2 will be available on Xbox Gamepass On Launch. Well, That’s A great idea people can test games before buying them unlike PlayStation now’s streaming service you have to download the game but the games are enormous like 100GB or what. But you can still buy physical copies. Physical games are not going anywhere soon.


A pirate game which allows you to play online multiplayer co-op and campaign but that’s not it. You can travel to islands for hidden treasures and quests, or you can go underwater in the dungeons and find some underwater treasure or battle with the other ships with your friends. There are skeletons and other fascinating and scary monsters.

Crackdown 3:

Ahh, the satisfaction of destruction. Crackdown The Explosive And The Destructive Game. In my opinion, this game has the best destructive environment but in crackdown three destruction is only in multiplayer which means more fun was destroying and exploding things with your friends.

The State Of Decay 2:

A zombie action-packed open world game well that’s a weird combination, but zombie games are great in my opinion this is a must play the game, in my opinion, I’d even pay 59.99$ for this game it’s just like the dead island.

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