Xbox confirms that Bethesda and Xbox E3 Presentations will be on One Stream

Written by Ankit Gaba

After the acquisition of Bethesda by Xbox, some people were confused if they were going to have a different E3 Presentation, and it seems like Jeff Grubb was right this time about the Xbox E3 and Bethesda E3 Presentation being fused together.
Recently in an interview with the French Publication. Xbox Representative Matt Booty talked about a joint Microsoft-Bethesda conference in a few weeks.
This will take place in the same stream, but it will feel like an entirely different thing, according to Matt Booty and Jeff Grubb.
I cannot wait to see what Bethesda and Microsoft showcase at this year’s E3. I am wondering if they will showcase Deathloop and Ghostwire even though they are PlayStation Exclusives. I think they might do that if the Bethesda E3 thing is entirely different but just takes place on the same stream. You can expect the stream to be very long since 2 Streams will be combined. I’d expect it to be around 2 hours long. My predictions for Bethesda E3 is that they will showcase Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 along with some new titles, and Xbox will showcase already announced games with a few surprises here and there.
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