X018 Early Predictions

Written by Ankit Gaba

Phil Spencer Recently announced that X0 would eventually come back and it’s coming to Mexico this year, and the next thing we know is Xbox is getting mouse & keyboard support. We Think that they will acquire some new studios too. It’s a great opportunity to announce new information about their upcoming games and maybe some reveals. There are many possibilities Such as playground’s new upcoming title that isn’t announced yet.


Microsoft currently has no story-based AAA games. Fable 4 would help a lot as its a story driven game. We could see much more from fable 4 as we already know that  Playground Games are developing Fable 4.  Playground Games are best known for the Forza games. But how will they develop a story based RPG game? It depends. You should never underestimate someone. Fable 4 would be the perfect replacement for God Of War for Xbox One.

Buy Out Of Some Studios:

It would be awesome if Microsoft bought more developers such as Telltale. Telltale games just went bankrupt, so they have to shut down. Maybe Microsoft will buy them out or else they will buy obsidian games or moon studios, so we are expecting an acquisition.


We haven’t seen anything about Battletoads after the e3. Battletoads is coming in 2019 that’s all the information we have so it is most likely that they will reveal some gameplay of Battletoads at the X018.

Crackdown 3 gameplay:

We will probably get some gameplay since Crackdown 3 is coming out next year. Crackdown 3’s destruction gameplay probably.

Elite Controller v2:

Probably the elite controller v2 will be announced there and we may get a reveal trailer.  That would be great to see the elite controller 2 because elite controller 1 is one of the best controllers to existing yet.

What Do You Think? Please let us know what do you think?


Split Screen: Halo 5 disappointed people without having a split screen. Split Screen was one of the best features in Old halo games. But 343 Industries ruined halo five without having split screen. Split screen was such a cool feature. It was profoundly loved by old Halo players. It’s Confirmed that we will get split screen in Halo 6. Because earlier in 2017 343 Industries told that split screen is one of the best features in halo, and it was missing from Halo 5 but don’t worry guys it will be back in the next halo game.

A Good Story: People were disappointed with the story of Halo 5 as it felt boring. A good story would improve Halo 6’s first impression and make people instantly buy the game just like the god of war has a great campaign a got a lot of success.  Everyone loves a good campaign. The best fight in Halo 6 would be master chief vs. Locke. That would impress a lot of people if master chief vs. locke happened in Halo 6 but not like Halo 5 because there were a few punches in their battle what if Cortana betrays both of them? And Halo 6’s story continues from the end of Halo 5? that would be amazing.

A Better Multiplayer: Halo 5’s Multiplayer sucked for many reasons. We want a better and new innovative multiplayer. Not a reskin of Halo 5’s multiplayer. We want a multiplayer like Halo 3 or Halo 2 because they had great multiplayer everyone loved multiplayer in Halo 3 and Halo 2.

No Battle Royale Mode: Please 343 Industries don’t ruin halo’s multiplayer with a battle royale. Battle Royale modes are overused they just don’t fit in some games. We want a new mode, not a battle royale mode because battle royale modes are just too popular and they are too boring.

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