Worms Rumble Review

Written by Ankit Gaba

Name: Worms Rumble

Platforms: PC, PS4, and PS5

Platform Reviewed On: PS4

Price: 14.99$

Publisher: Team 17

When I first heard that Worms Rumble was not a turn-based game, I was skeptical at first, but after playing the game, I can confirm that it’s a worthy addition to the Franchise and a great game overall, even though it is nothing like the previous Worms game in terms of gameplay it’s still an amazing game I was pretty bad at it, but I got better with time.

There are only 3 modes Team Death Match, Last Squad Standing (Battle Royale with Squad), and Last Worm Standing (Normal Battle Royale). My favorite mode was Team Death Match. It was the most fun mode, in my opinion. I hope they add more modes to Worms Rumble in the future.


Let’s talk about the Customization in Worms Rumble now. You can change your skin, wear different types of outfits and hats. You can also customize your weapons in Worms Rumble. It’s a pretty cool thing; I like how there are no Microtransactions in it. You basically unlock everything by leveling up and progressing further and further. I think they can add some type of free battle pass soon as well. It could work well. I just hope they keep adding more skins, emotes, and stuff like that, along with new modes and events.


The Gameplay in Worms Rumble is amazing. The worms are well animated. Worms Rumble offers many different classic Worms weapons; using them in real-time was amazing. I can definitely guarantee you that Worms Rumble can be the next big online game if the developers keep adding more content. I love how the gameplay is very basic and fun simultaneously; for example, it isn’t hard at all to learn the controls, but some people might take time to get used to the controls. You can jump, roll, or hide in an elevator and blast them with a shotgun when they come near you. Worms Rumble also got the classic banana grenade and holy grenade.

Worms Rumble features Jetpacks and Grappling guns as well, but they can break when you hit the use limit, so you’ll have to find one again.  What I really loved about Worms Rumble is that it’s not based on luck it requires skill, unlike another big GaaS game that was released this year.

I really hope Worms Rumble does well in sales so the developers can bring more updates and more content to it. It has a lot of potential in the future. Just like I mentioned before, it could maybe even be the next E-Sports game.

Lacks Content

Worms Rumble lacks Content at the time, but I think the developers will add more content to it in future updates. Just like I mentioned before, Worms Rumble features only 3 Modes and 3 Maps; I really hope that they add more different types of modes,s such as capture the flag. It could work really well, in my opinion, with the type of gameplay Worms Rumble has. Even though there are only 3 maps, the maps are still great and make the game very quick-paced for example; you never know where an enemy could come out of. The enemy could be hiding in a vent or an elevator, or it might be a run n gun situation. I hope they add different types of maps in the game.

Another thing Worms Rumble lacks at the time is private matches. I think private matches could work well for a game like this; I hope they add them in the future.



Worms Rumble is the most fun GaaS game I have played this year. Even though it lacks content, I really wanna see more updates for Worms Rumble. If they added more Maps, Weapons, Private Matches, and some other stuff like that, it would be perfect.



  • Fun Gameplay
  • Great Map Design
  • Satisfying Animations


  • Lacks Content



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