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Will There Be a GM Mode Or Road To Wrestlemania in WWE 2k19?

Written by Ankit Gaba

General Manager Mode In WWE Games is the most popular mode. All you have to do is pick wrestlers for your brand and book matches. You Start Rivalries Between Superstars and the primary goal is to win GM Of the year award. As we know, first they will reveal the cover in June. Like Last Year. We think that the cover star is going to be The Phenomenal One AJ Styles. But what about Road To Wrestlemania mode? We have never seen it in the last eight years. It’s The Story Mode. With WWE Rivalries. Like Randy Orton And John Cena in SmackDown Vs Raw 2011 Or Chris Jericho And Triple H. We Could Possibly See One Of These Modes Returning in WWE 2k19. Or we could probably see 35 years of WrestleMania like 30 years of WrestleMania in WWE 2k14.

What About the return Of Showcase Mode? It could have a story of Seth Rollins or aj styles. We Could See A New Mode Called Commissioner Mode Instead Of General Manager Mode. Where You Have To choose who gets fired and you can restart the matches if you don’t like the results. If there’s a general manager mode in 2k19, we could see a lot of improvements from it. Like cutting a promo in General Manager Mode. Or Being Interviewed by someone. You could even Get Confronted by guys like Braun Strowman Asking for Competition Or title shot. Even champions would come to you and say that they don’t want to defend their belts. You will have to choose if you are a heel General Manager Or a Face General Manager Like Kurt Angle. We could see NXT and 205 Live too in general manager mode like back in 2008 ECW was in General Manager Mode.

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