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Will just cause 4 be better than just cause 3

Written by Ankit Gaba

Just cause 4 is launching in less than 2 months. But will it be better than the 3rd one? It is hard to say that currently because we don’t have that much information about it expect some gameplay the last game failed due to bad optimisation. The game poorly ran on good PCs and consoles and Square Enix didn’t even try to patch the game. That’s pretty bad for such a big compl

It will have destruction, explosions and tornadoes. Currently just cause 4 looks and plays way better than just cause 3 there are many graphical improvements in it and according to Square Enix it has a responsive open world with events going on around the whole map well that’s pretty good we hope that just cause 4 is good like just cause 2. The game itself has a huge map and that’s pretty cool like more places to explore and more things to do. But we have to wait until the game releases like just cause 3 looked cool before it was released too. But how will just cause 4 turns out tho? We hope that it turns out great and the game would be a GOTY contender just like just cause 2. Because just cause 3 was nowhere good as just cause 2.

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