Why Xbox Probably Won’t Win The Next Gen

Written by Ankit Gaba


Exclusives are very important for a video game console. Every console has different exclusives and each of their exclusives are unique and different than the others like Nintendo is good at platformers, RPGs and ETC Sony is Good at a lot of genres meanwhile Xbox is only good at the racing genre or 2d side scroller platformer games. They haven’t proved things well this generation. They mostly get low meta critic scores like Crackdown 3 got only 60 on Metacritic state of decay 2 got 66 and I personally even forgot State of decay 2 existed, on the other hand, Most of the Sony Exclusives easily get 85+ meta critic scores. Most of Xbox Exclusives are on PC. They do take their time but they develop games with bad quality. Most of us know that quality>quantity but Xbox are focusing on the quantity to extend the library of the Xbox One and are failing to make masterpiece games like God Of War and Legend of Zelda: BOTW. Would you rather play 100 bad games or one masterpiece? Most of us would probably choose one masterpiece. They have been hiring a lot of studios too recently in total they have 13 Studios meanwhile Playstation has 17+ and some share in Square Enix. They do delay all the time. Crackdown 3 got delayed more than 3 times but still turned out to be bad now imagine what would it have turned out to be if it was never delayed? Really bad. Now let’s look at State of decay 2? a glitchy massacre the only good game they have right now is Forza Horizon 4 But gears of war 5 could turn out to be good but it might not match the quality of Days Gone and The Last of us 2. Xbox is also generally weak at creating good story based games. But not only that there are many other reasons they could fail the next gen. There’s also that One can enjoy a game, and not believe it’s quality. Some games aren’t quality games. Maybe fun, but there is more to calling a game quality than just the fun factor. In this, Xbox seemed to create a lot of games, which indicates quantity. But decided the quality wasn’t really as important, thus negating the relevance of the title itself. Their games are on PC too why would someone even buy an Xbox when you can play the same game on PC with better quality and stuff. they also did many false promises like Phil said Xbox one x would run 4k 60 only 1 or 2 games run 4k60 on the Xbox one x. They also don’t do well in Japan. There was literally a gamer in Japan who bought an Xbox 360 just to play Tales of Vesperia. Once it was announced for PS4, well, they didn’t take it well and went public with their grievance.
There’s a reason Microsoft doesn’t do well there, and talking with developers is not going to buy consumer goodwill. I think their best chance is honestly to do their xCloud streaming thing. They’re not going to move hardware in Japan. They’re probably just going to try to sell their service.

The Level Of Competiton

Well, Google and Amazon are looking the enter the Gaming Console war next gen but with cloud devices. Cloud devices can cause a lot of harm because 5G is coming soon too. 5G+Cloud Gaming could even become a console killer. Not only it would harm Xbox. It would harm Nintendo and Playstation too if they don’t overcome this idea it could be the end of Physical CDs, Game Stores and Consoles. There are many chances that cloud gaming could succeed like when you are travelling in a car you could easily use 5G data when it comes out and pull your phone out to play the latest games. It could be a different step to the world of gaming like if I want to play games in my car would I carry my TV and my console? of course not I would just carry my mobile phone and turn on google stadia to play the latest games. Xbox can overcome this challenge but Google has better hardware than Xcloud. Xcloud has the power of an Xbox One S only 1.4 teraflops meanwhile the google stadia has the power of 10+ teraflops and can run games on 4K 60Fps When 5G comes out it could change the way we game. The era of consoles is coming to an end soon. It would be hard for us to forget consoles but we will have to do it because it would be better for us and the game developers it would be much easier for the game developers to develop games on a cloud platform. But in the End, we all are gamers it’s our choice to do what’s best for us.


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