Why Xbox Gamepass Is A Huge Success

Written by Ankit Gaba

Xbox Gamepass launched last year on June 1st And it has been a huge success for the game pass lately. Why Buy 1 Game in the price of 10$? When you can get 100+ games for 10$ for a month. Xbox Game Pass Doesn’t hurt the sales like If you get gamepass and buy a game included you get a discount on it. So gamepass can be used as a way of buying digital games for less. It is up to 20%off plus 10% off add-ons.

Also, the Xbox gamepass helps the people to know if they should buy the game Rocket League Recently Topped on the Xbox store because of the gamepass sale. When the Xbox gamepass launched people said
“Xbox Game Pass will hurt sales and developers”

but Aaron Greenberg said

“We’ve heard this misconception since launch. The data shows otherwise and in fact, shows that Game Pass helps sales. ”

And he was right. Rocket league is not the only example for that. Same happened for Sea Of Thieves and State Of Decay 2 as both jumped to #1 when they went into Xbox GamePass with sales exceeding expectations. Forza Horizon 4 will reach an all-new high in sales this October!

The retailers that boycott and refused to sell Xbox One games a few months back due to the Game Pass implementation.

If you use a trial or $1 sale you can then save a large amount on games included. Don’t forget gamepass is also a discount service. So any games or add-ons can be purchased for up to 20% less. In addition, it lets people try a game without buying it, so those unsure can try it and decide whether to buy. It makes sense for sales to increase on games with a lot of longevity like rocket league. But this might not transfer to single player experiences. If you buy the Xbox gamepass you will never be bored again because you will have a great catalogue of 100+ games to play

Xbox GamePass is a huge success whereas the ps now isn’t.

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