No Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell At E3 2018? And Will Divison 2 have Battle Royale?

Written by Ankit Gaba

According to our sources, there may not be a new splinter cell game at this year’s e3. there are many reasons like they said there would be a surprise at this year’s E3 and the surprise got leaked it was Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The other reason is that they are revealing Tom Clancy’s Division 2 at this year’s E3. So they probably won’t reveal another tom clancy’s game because if they do one will have to flop. it could only be a surprise for us if we see splinter cell at this year’s e3 but it probably won’t happen. Ubisoft could have Sam Fisher in Tom Clancy’s Division 2 that would make us all happy it would have a splinter cell type of feel then we would want a sequel for tom clancy’s division 2. by this way Ubisoft can succeed. But Will Division 2 Have Battle Royale? No, Ubisoft said that they are not interested in the battle royale and that’s a good thing because

The Genre Battle Royale is like too overused. Developers are using the genre battle royale so much that now everyone is so bored of it. Battle Royale sucks. After 15-20 matches in a battle royale game, you would start getting bored, and only one person wins in battle royale if you lose you get nothing.

Even if you win, you still get nothing. No one cares about your wins at PUBG or Fortnite. Because they don’t even like the battle royale genre. The developers are using battle royale on like all of the games. Fortnite was supposed to be a zombie game, But now? It’s a battle royale game. Congratulations epic games you have made the battle royale genre even more boring, and you still want us to pay to buy save the world? Great. You have just completely Destroyed battle royale. Now battle royale games are filled with kids. Well was battle royale supposed to be in black ops 4? No, the campaign was supposed to be in Call of duty black ops 4. Thanks to the success of PUBG. Activision has removed the campaign and replaced it with a battle royale mode. Thank you, Activision For Screwing your self. Now we all now Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 will flop just because of no campaign. Well, not all the developers want battle royale as Take-Two Interactive (parent company of 2k and rockstar games) said they don’t want battle royale. If they wanted the battle royale mode they would have added it to a Game Of The Year contender Red Dead Redemption 2. Thank You Take-Two Interactive for declining the genre battle royale. Ubisoft Doesn’t like the genre battle royale as the CEO of Ubisoft in an interview said that “we are not interested in the genre battle royale because most of our fans don’t like battle royale games” It’s the same thing with Bethesda They don’t like battle royale too. Well that’s a good thing because all games don’t need a battle royale mode.

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