Why Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order will be a great Star Wars Game

Written by Ankit Gaba

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is coming out next month and, it has a lot of potentials to be the best Star Wars game since Force Unleashed. It’s Respawn’s first-ever Star Wars game they have previously worked on great games like Titanfall and Apex Legends. Titanfall 2 is one of the best shooting games of this decade. Here are some of the reasons why we think that Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order will be a great Star Wars Game:


Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is a story-driven single-player only experience. It is set between the events of Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope. The Story is about a young padawan who escaped the order 66 when Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) killed the other Younglings. I am personally wondering, how did Cal escape from Anakin Skywalker? Since the story is set right after Order 66, Anakin still probably has some faith in the light side. Anakin Skywalker is finding a way between life and death to bring back Padme. Darth Vader is usually with his Inquisitors on missions. but in this game, as you see the Inquisitor is alone. As in the trailer, you have previously seen the Inquisitor says “He’s searching for an artifact” She’s Probably talking about Darth Vader. My theory is that Cal is searching for the same thing and they might collide at some point. It would be cool if Cal tried to turn Darth Vader back into the Light Side, but failed. We can also expect some cameos from Master Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Also, we should remember that Cal has no Jedi Training. Who will give Cal his training? Will it be Master Yoda? Obi-Wan Kenobi? or something more twisty like Vader?


The Combat of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Seems to take inspiration from games like God Of War and Dark Souls. You can even throw the Lightsaber and bring it back using the force like the Leviathan Axe. You cannot dismember Humans using lightsabers but you can dismember the aliens and monsters. There will be 3 Force Abilities Force Push, Force Pull and Force Slow we might be able to unlock more force abilities with Skill Points at some point in the game. Respawn also stated that “We had to create these systems that would force the player to unlock the enemy to allow for that one hit kill,” Asmussen said. Instead of mindlessly cutting through waves of enemies, the gameplay in Fallen Order is full of lightsaber-enhanced grappling bouts. You’re forced to take on only one opponent at a time—and these strategic little duels can even extend into entire boss battles. It’s what they refer to as “thoughtful combat.”

No Loot-Boxes or Micro-Transactions

You will have to unlock everything in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order there won’t be any “Surprise Mechanics” Micro-Transactions Ruined the launch of Battlefront II but they won’t ruin this game since there are no Micro-Transactions in Jedi Fallen Order at all. You will have to Acquire Skill Points to unlock Different Skills and Abilities throughout the game. There won’t be any “Surprise mechanics” in this game according to EA and that is one of the best things EA has done in a while most of the people hated battlefront 2 because it had microtransactions but Disney later forced EA to remove them.

What Do You Think? Why will Jedi Fallen Order be the best Star Wars Game in a while according to you?

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