Why Marvel’s Avengers has left us in questions

Written by Ankit Gaba

Marvel’s Avengers is an action story driven game but it has left us in many questions like will it have local co-op split screen?
we cannot tell that but we can answer one question Will it include Hawkeye? yes, it will include Hawkeye and other new heroes Square Enix confirmed on Twitter that they are adding Hawkeye. We know that PS4 will get some exclusive content it could be a spiderman DLC so far we know that all the Post Launch DLCs are gonna be free and the game is gonna receive constant updates. Spiderman PS4 took some design cues from the MCU as far as the design of things like Avengers tower, but it’s still definitely it’s own entity IMO. Vulture and Shocker, for example, were nothing like their MCU counterparts. But way more importantly, Spider-Man himself is totally different appearance wise and is also a much different character Here are some other things that left us in question:

The Story:

We do not know if the story is connected to the MCU or is it a completely different story like Spiderman PS4. We know that the Avengers go on separate ways and they disassemble. They were framed by a villain that we don’t know yet. The trailer shows some amazing footage of Thor flying with his hammer Mjolnir and Iron Man flying in his suit. On the start of the trailer, you can see the Quinjet but we do not know if we would be able to fly the Quinjet if we would it would be absolutely amazing. They were also celebrating the A-Day known as the Avengers Tower opening ceremony. Thor’s Hammer will take massive inspirations from God Of War 4. During the A-Day There was some terrorist attack on the San Fransisco Bridge and the Avengers go to stop that attack. But they fail and the bridge breaks people think that they posed a threat to society. also, we do know that Captain America dies in it

Online Co-op or Couch Co-op

We still do not know if Marvel’s Avengers has either only online co-op or couch co-op it could even include both but nothing has been confirmed yet so we just want to know the answer if we can only play online or with our friends on the same console.

Open World


We do know that the game will include some free roam in each area according to Square Enix. but we do not know if the game is a completely open world like spiderman ps4 or the old hulk games.


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