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When Will The Last Of Us Part II Release?

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The Last of us is an award-winning series which literally defeated grand theft auto v in the game of the year award in 2013. The Last Of Us Part II may release After Days Gone but might avoid holiday so probably autumn release.September/October is prime spot typically. We are thinking Days Gone, Dreams mid-year, TLoUP2 end of the year. Others sprinkled in there. If TLoUP2 is at the end of the year, though, Ghost of Tsushima is definitely early 2020 ND has two studios worth of people. They are working on TLoUP2 and an unreleased title that most believe is the next Uncharted game. But the main focus is currently on TLoUP2. Sucker Punch is a much smaller studio, less than half of what ND has in total (ND has over 500, SP has about 200).  Development of TLoUP2 began before U4 was finished, it just grew in size and overall effort after U4 was completed as senior persons were reassigned as needed, including Druckman. Tons of work on engine, gameplay, modeling, writing, etc. can be done without Druckman. Sucker Punch is working on an entirely new IP as opposed to building on an established IP. That means a few things, from them having to test various new IP concepts and present them to Sony for ‘approval’ to them having to go through many versions of gameplay concepts and ideas. We don’t know if Ghost was their first attempt at a new game or if they started on something, spent a year in it, and it was decided that it wasn’t going to work so they had to go back to find a new IP idea. We aren’t quite sure if the last of us 2 will launch at the end of 2019 but according to the latest rumors it may launch between October to December

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