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What could we see in this year’s E3

Written by Ankit Gaba

This Year’s E3 Is Going to Hollywood, and there are many reasons for this year’s e3 to be the best one here are the following reasons


Halo pre-rendered teaser
Crackdown release date
a big push of Anthem to compete with Sony’s usual Destiny push
Titanfall 3 reveal (think this one will go timed exclusive)
Small Indies that are exclusive or timed exclusive

Microsoft Will Announce Many Games Because They Lack Exclusive Games But What About 3rd Party Games in Microsoft’s Presentation. Microsoft currently has the marketing rights to Cyberpunk 2077, a new Splinter Cell, Anthem, Madden 19, Borderlands 3, Battlefield V, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider And Metro Exodus. According To Our Predictions There Will be Following Exclusives:

Forza Horizon 4

Halo 6

Fable 4

A new Sunset Overdrive


Gears Of War 5

A new Quantum Break


Playstation Already Has A lot of Exclusive Games Like God Of War, Spider-Man But they need more exclusive games our predictions are:

– Last of Us Part Two Trailer and release window

– Days Gone trailer and release date


-Shadow Die Twice (A new Mysterious IP)


– PlayStation 5 Reveal Trailer


Nintendo: I think they will do a proper e3 press conference this year
Mario Maker and a reworked Starfox will both get Switch releases
They will show off Pokemon
they will show off a game built around Amibo
they will end the show with a remastered version of Super Mario (thinking sunshine but maybe galaxy)
They will show Bayonetta and No More Heroes.

Nintendo Switch is Slowly Gaining Great Exclusives Like Super Mario Odyssey, Legend Of Zelda And Smash Bros Here is our predictions for what we could see from Nintendo at the E3.

– Smash Bros New Trailer And Release Date Reveal

– Call Of Duty On The Switch

– A New Pokemon Game For Switch

– A New Metroid Prime Game

– Earthbound For Nintendo Switch


Other Companies Like EA:

There Would Be Great Games From Other 3rd Party Developers Our Predictions Are

EA: a 50 minute interview with the first guy to ever kick a field goal and then some gameplay of the next Battlefield game

– Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

– Battlefield 5

– Shadow Of Tomb Raider


– Anthem Trailer

-Skate 4

Plants Vs Zombies: GW3

-A New Batman Game


The show we’ve all been waiting for ever since they blew us all away 3 years ago with the Fallout 4 reveal…
Starfield is announced as Todd Howards next game
Dishonored 3
Doom 2
Fallout 4 for Switch (think they might do 3 and new Vegas for switch and ps4/x1 too)
Not shown but maybe a leak or behind closed doors of Fallout online

Or maybe even the elder scrolls 6




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