Ubisoft is developing a Tom Clancy’s The Division x Splinter Cell x Breakpoint Crossover Game

Ubisoft is developing a Tom Clancy's The Division x Splinter Cell x Breakpoint Crossover Game
Written by Vince Abella

After rumours swirled around a few months back, there are more leaks about a new Ubisoft PvP game. A new shooter supposedly brings together The Division and Splinter Cell franchises. Twitter user @Zer0Bytes0 revealed images in which two unique and different game modes were seen containing characters, as well as two different teams presumably for the player to choose from. It showed off Escort, where one team has to protect precious cargo on the move from one location to another while the other team tries to stop them, as well as Ringleader, where you kill opponents and collect rings from them, with the purpose of it being to protect the one with the most rings in order to increase your team’s score and bank the collected points.

In a Press Release, Ubisoft stated, “The main show, starting 7 PM CEST, will feature the next mainline entry in the Rainbow Six franchise, formerly known as Rainbow Six Quarantine, with world premiere gameplay and trailers revealing this brand-new co-op title for the first time.” now again this leaked game could turn out to be the brand new co-op title Ubisoft was talking about in the Press Release.

With Ubisoft Forward set to take place at E3 2021, there’s a high chance that players will finally be able to catch an official glimpse of this brand new multiplayer title. It has been over half a dozen years without a new mainline title in the Splinter Cell series, and this, in addition to a few missions in some other Ubisoft games, indicates that the dormant franchise will see an eventual return. With Far Cry 6 already set to release this year and E3 nearing, one can anticipate more game announcements in addition to releasing dates for already announced games, and hopefully, introduce the new multiplayer title.
Here’s the full schedule for E3, along with a “What To Expect” List

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