Ubisoft delays 3 games Far cry 5,The Crew 2,and an unannounced game

Written by Ankit Gaba

Ubisoft announced Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2 at this E3, but both are delayed even an upcoming game that’s not announced is delayed too what could be the unannounced game? An Assassin’s Creed game? I think so. Far cry 5 was scheduled to be released on 27th February, and now it will release one month later on 27th March. The Crew 2 will now release in mid-2018 sometime between April to September. Its an official statement from Ubisoft’s executive director Christine Burgess he said: “This judgment is in line with our strategic vision of developing even more appealing and higher quality experiences for gamers.”

“Getting extra time with Assassin’s Creed Origins enabled our skilled construction team to show their artistic idea entirely. As demanded, this had a much positive influence on the game’s status and mainly engaged in its financial success. Using a related path, we have determined to invest extra improvement time in three upcoming games.

”Ivory Tower Said that the extra construction time would enable it “to stay working test phases and provide as several of you as reasonable to get hands-on with the game. Player feedback and its alliance continue essential to achieving our vision, and the development team is excited by the prospect of working more with our astonishing community.”

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