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Top 3 Games Of 2017 With Reviews

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These Are Our Top 10 Games Of 2017 WIth Reviews

1.Super Mario Odyssey

 Who Doesn’t Love Super Mario Odyssey? Well Everyone Does. Nintendo is best known for Exclusives, and this is a Nintendo Exclusive too. So that means if you want to buy this game you need to own a Nintendo Switch. You cant get this game on other consoles like Xbox Or Playstation Or even PC. This is a great game its an open world 3d platformer game. You can even be a chief in this game. This Game is Just SImply Amazing. Super Mario Odyssey is the Nintendo Version of GTA. You can also explore various locations. There are dinosaurs in this game too. This game will be the game of a decade for Nintendo.

So we rate this game 10/10


One of the hardest games in the world Cuphead. It is a Microsoft exclusives that means you will be only able to get this game on PC and Xbox. Well, Who Doesn’t Love Indie Styled Cartoony Games? Well Everyone Loves Cuphead even though it will make you rage quit. There are many boss battles in this game. Some people can’t even get past the tutorial of this game. Also, a pro gamer will take 100s of tries to pass a mission.

So we rate this game a 9.9/10

3.The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

This Game Even Received The Game Of The Year Award. It’s The Best Looking Game For a Handheld console. Look at the graphics. In this game you had to go out and defeated the legendary bosses like a dinosaur you start waking up in a tree house then you have to go and defeat some gods or even legends. Its one of the best games of 2017 No other game can take the place of this game.

So we rate it 9/10

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