5 Things That We Want Playstation 5 To Have

Written by Ankit Gaba

Well, PlayStation 4 is missing a lot of things, but we don’t want PlayStation 5 to miss those things such as Backwards Compatibility.

Sony, a company heavily involved in the music business, inexplicably left out the most basic music functions for the PlayStation 4 at launch – features that are currently available on its predecessor. The PS4 at launch cannot play music off of CDs, it from a USB stick or external hard drive, and it cannot stream music from a PC. That’s why it doesn’t allow custom music in some games like WWE 2k18. Some players do enjoy listening to their MP3s while using the system.


The thing that PlayStation fans always wanted was Backward Compatibility so they could play some good old games like Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas And far cry 2 without buying the remasters or waiting for the remasters like the Xbox players. What about PS5 Enhanced Backwards Compatability like Xbox One X.




PlayStation 4’s Design was great, but PlayStation 4 slim’s design and PlayStation 4 pro’s design looked too weird. They looked like a sandwich. We need a better design like PlayStation 3 had a great design or like the PlayStation 2’s design.



Xbox and Nintendo always had a better controller than PlayStation for last 2 decades. PlayStation 4’s controller was Okay. It had speakers and all that stuff. Hell yeah, it even had a touchpad. But it still was not comfortable compared to Xbox One’s controller or Nintendo controller.


This is one of the worst design choices of the PlayStation 4 so far, and I love my PlayStation 4, but this is the ridiculous situation.

Over this weekend, in particular. I felt like completing the campaign on Call of Duty: WW2, but with the latest Far Cry: 5 DLCDying LightMortal Kombat XA Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIVDestinyBorderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Project CARS, do you think I managed to install Call of Duty: WW2?

Sure, I could remove a few games, but what about some patches, Dying Light’s 23 GB download, A Realm Reborn’s 8 GB additional download? Removing any of the currently installed games would mean I would have to re-download quite a few GB’s of patches.

If I had an external hard drive that could hold a few games, then that would be a lifesaver for everyone.

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  • Ermmm… I have an external HD connected to mine actually. I think you should go check out the SONY PS4 support website and learn a bit about it. That functionality has been available for over a year now.

  • 5) External Hard Drives

    This is already supported and has been for over a year, i’ve been using it with a 3TB drive attached with no problems at all…

    Do your research 😀

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