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The upcomming battlefield maybe bad company 3

Written by Ankit Gaba

Battlefield’s developers are working on a new game which will hit the market in 2018. We previously posted an article called “Battlefield 5 confirmed” DICE LA is working on bad company 3 while DICE Sweden is working on a WW2 themed Battlefield game that could be Battlefield 5 next game maybe could be battlefield bad company 3 or even Battlefield 5.  Now only EA knows about the upcoming battlefield game battlefield’s game are best known for their destructive environment. Previously back in 2016 came the battlefield 1 which was set in World War 1 Battlefield always gives a war type of environment. While Call Of Duty Gives a story type of environment.

We know nothing currently, EA will choose so that question is to EA. But what’s next will they add microtransactions to Battlefield? If they did that means they learned nothing from their last mistake in Star wars battlefront 2. Everyone would be mad if they added loot boxes on the battlefield this will make it pay to win a game like mobile games and everyone hates pay to win games. You have to pay $59.99 then you have to pay again. Just Why? But in a war game microtransactions would be bad cause of the war type of environment. Like, pay $9.99 for a shotgun really just for a shotgun? or pay $9.99 for gun skins? Really? just for some gun skins? how about pay $9.99 for snipers? or pay $9.99 just to access multiplayer battlefield even if you have playstation+ or Xbox live gold?

Well, that would be really bad if they added microtransactions in a battlefield game.

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