The Legend Of Zelda Link’s Awakening Review

Written by Ankit Gaba

The Legend Of Zelda Link’s Awakening is a journey back to the Gameboy classic, Link’s Awakening is a great Zelda game just like the original. It has some references from Super Mario Bros which are easy to find, Link’s Awakening is set out of the Hyrule unlike most of Zelda games, There are some mysteries to solve on Koholint Island, There are a lot of fun minigames in Link’s Awakening, We are sure that most of you will like it, But there are some cons about the controls you can’t move using a D-pad, You will have to use the joysticks on your joy-cons, This might be a deal-breaker for some people, We now have eight directional movements. However, unlike the original Link’s awakening, The Enemies in this game are highly aggressive unlike the original which we, consider as a good thing because it gives us a bit of a challenge, The World Feels beautiful in the dungeons, and while boss fights, New animations, and the sound effects are high, and they will make you feel nostalgic, They have also taken the opportunity to repurpose the old PhotoShop from Link’s Awakening DX. Obviously, with no camera on the Switch, it would serve no purpose without the change. It’s nowDampĂ©’s Shack, playing home to a dungeon creator, and design challenges themed around it.


Nintendo has added a new addition called “Chamber Dungeons” Kinda works like Mario maker; this lets you build your dungeons with your own choice of items and enemies but, you can’t download cells or publish your own. Instead, you can download them to an amiibo and give it to a friend so that they can try your dungeon out. It would have been better if you could just download other people’s cells, and publish some of your own, Playing dungeons back to back can become a bit boring, but it’s still a nice feature to have.

One of the biggest disappointment about this game is the framerate, It is usually at 60fps but sometimes, It drops to 30fps as you cross into a different part of the map, or meander through Mabe and Animal Village, the streaming in of new data, and number of NPCs on screen sends the frame rate tumbling down to 30fps, This also happens during most of the boss fights which ruins the combat experience. Still, we are pretty sure that Nintendo will fix this issue in some kind of an upcoming patch.




Link’s awakening has a great soundtrack, and looks visually stunning but, it still lacks a lot of things, and there are some bugs in this game too, it kind of feels unfinished they should’ve fixed all of the issues. First, The worst problem is the frame rate you will usually see it drop as you go in some big dungeons, a town or boss fights during combat, which ruins the experience as mentioned before, but the game still manages to offer a great experience.


Visually Stunning.

Great Soundtrack.

Fun minigames and puzzles.

Koholint’s setting is high and might get you nostalgic.

Frame rate drops.

There is no D-Pad Support for the movement.

It doesn’t take the full potential of chamber dungeons.


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