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Written by Ankit Gaba

Review Info:

GAME: The Crew 2

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ivory Tower

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Reviewed On: PlayStation 4

Genre: Racing

The Crew 2 might have a Big map, but the world is entirely bland and lifeless, The only good thing about this game is its Big map, for example, you can go from Miami to New York or any other state in the United States.

The Driving mechanics in Crew 2 are awful they feel unresponsive, but the Airplane controls are nearly perfect they nailed the Airplane Controls. The Motorboat controls are mediocre they feel good, but they could have made them better.

I loved how you could gain “Fans” or “Followers” by doing stunts, and that boosted your Rank too, My favorite part about The Crew 2 was Exploring the big open world, and going to different states, but that’s not saying much since the Open World was only Big, there weren’t many activities around the world,

The AI was terrific, but the car physics is very unrealistic, for example, when you crashed the car, it would move extremely, even the Airplanes don’t have a Crashing animation.

If you made one mistake in the race, it would take no time for the others to gain a higher position than you, which made the game more challenging.


Graphically the Crew 2 was average, sometimes it looked great in certain places, and sometimes it looked awful. For example, the Building Textures in nearly every city were terrible, but the environment was terrific; mostly, it’s the textures that made the game look bad; there were pop-ins everywhere.

As you can see, in the image given above the textures after the trees look like they have a low resolution, that was what bothered me most, there wasn’t a single place in the game where surfaces weren’t bad or had a low resolution, Even the mirrors on Cars were pixelated, and that bothered me a lot.


Crew 2 has the kind of microtransactions, that can annoy anyone during the entire game you can purchase any of the vehicles in Crew 2 with real money, and Progressing Normally is very hard it takes a lot of grinding, There are certain Vehicles required for Story Events which cost a lot of In-Game Currency, sometimes you would just want to buy them using real money, I think that is what the developers tried to do to make more money from Crew 2.



Crew 2 had a lot of potentials to be significant considering the big open world, and nearly every type of racing, but it failed at everything, It’s the worst racing game I have played so far considering the number of issues, it had made me want to say that it’s the worst game of the year so now, but it can be fun at times, if you don’t care about the graphical issues, going from Miami to New York is fantastic in the Crew 2, that’s the only thing I loved doing, and not to forget the microtransactions, they make Crew 2 even worse than it already is.

Big Map
On-Road Racing, Air Racing, And Boat Racing


Graphical Issues

No Working mirrors

Weird Voice Acting

A lot of Bugs

Empty Map

Awful racing controls

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