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Super Mega Baseball 2 Will Be Free With Xbox Live Gold On It’s Release Date

Written by Ankit Gaba

Yes, it’s true that Super Mega Baseball 2 will be free for Xbox live gold members on may 1. The game itself hasn’t even launched yet. That’s quite surprising that we can get it to play for free forever. That’s a Good Thing For a lot of Xbox users (including me).  Major Nelson Announced earlier this week that games with gold for may are Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, Super Mega Baseball 2, Sega Vintage Collection: Streets Of Rage and Vanquish. Well, That’s What you call a great line up.

But for PlayStation 4 and PC it will still cost $29.99.

Batting has changed to give more realistic hit swiftness and less harmless pop-ups. Somewhat to skying one to the catcher.

In different fielding moves, the game will now have throwing errors. In the brand-new mode, you press down a button to discover the strength of your throw. Tap it, and you’ll throw it slowly but bypass an error, which is ok if the base runner is nowhere near safe. Hold it down for longer, and you’ll throw harder, but you run the risk of hitting the top of the meter, after which errors come into play. You might throw into the dirt, throw wide, or send the ball sailing over the head of your catcher.

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