Spotify Premium might become free with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Written by Ankit Gaba

According to a Data Miner on Twitter who usually leaks stuff related to Microsoft, Spotify Premium is coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate; he leaked this image recently. However, we still do not know if it will be a temporary offer or a permanent thing.
There have been temporary offers for Spotify Premium with Gamepass in the past. Still, I would suggest everyone reading this wait until an official announcement because we really do not know anything about this thing. Hopefully, an announcement comes soon since it has been data-mined; it has a high chance of being real, but we don’t know if it’s permanent or temporary, just like I said before. Still, I would suggest everyone wait for an official announcement since deals like this can get cancelled anytime. Previously the offer was Spotify Premium for 6 months with Game Pass, which was a great offer, and many people were happy because of it. It seems like Microsoft is still putting a heavy focus on Game Pass and getting more and more people to subscribe to it, which is a good thing because benefits like this will keep coming.
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