Sony sends a DMCA to a Twitter User for Posting content from Godfall

Godfall Key Art
Written by Vince Abella

Thanks to a new tweet, it has come to light that Sony is copyrighting content creators and players for playing Sony games. Twitter user @KatAngie22 posted screenshots displaying images of her videos and clips of the game Godfall getting DMCA strikes from Sony themselves. This is all in spite of the fact that Godfall is already out and that these were shared from the PS5 console itself. Sony has given strikes to this user due to apparently using their own music and sound recordings in clips uploaded to the platform, in addition to the aforementioned shared clips of the game in a separate tweet.

Sony sending this player a copyright strike is slowly gaining traction, and the company appears to even be targeting users that enjoy their products. The Twitter user who posted about this said in her copyrighted tweet that she was excited to play the new Gearbox title, and this still did not protect her from the DMCA strike given to her. Having bought the game from their store, she was not safe from Sony Music Entertainment or even Sony themselves, and with this, there is a growing concern regarding how much gamers can simply discuss their beloved games and how much they can show their gameplay.

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