Sony patents a method to get Environment of Real World Locations in their games

Written by Ankit Gaba

Sony recently patented “AI-GENERATED INTERNAL ENVIRONMENTS BASED ON EXTERNAL GEOMETRY” you might not be able to get everything from the title. The description explains it much better the description states “A method is provided, including the following operations: receiving a request to initiate gameplay of a video game, the gameplay being configured to occur in a virtual environment resembling a requested real-world location; responsive to the request, obtaining exterior data associated to the requested real-world location, the exterior data describing external structures of physical objects in the requested real-world location; using a trained machine learning model to infer interior data for the physical objects based on the exterior data, the interior data describing inferred internal structures of the physical objects; generating the virtual environment using the exterior data and the interior data; initiating gameplay of the video game in the generated virtual environment.”
So basically, what Sony is trying to do is that they are trying to connect the real-world location’s environment and obtain its exterior data to present it in their Games. The description seems really interesting I am definitely interested to see what comes out of this patent; this seems like a great feature in an open-world game; they might be using the PS5 SSD to create an Open-World game with this feature. I think the open world will have to be very big as well cause of this feature.

This is the image given in the patent. It does not really explain much to me, so I’ll just leave it to everyone who’s reading this.
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