Sega has patented touch screen controls

Written by Ankit Gaba

Sega recently patented touchscreen controls for games. There is some new info related to Sega coming on Famitsu, which will be “On PS5 Reveal Event level” sadly, the PS5 event got delayed. However, Sega news is still happening. The patent is most likely related to the news.

The patent states that ”

a controller that generates a game image of an object disposed of in a virtual game space; and

a touch panel connected to the controller and that:

displays the game image;
detects an input of a user’s touch operation on the game image; and
outputs, to the controller, a detection signal indicating the detection of the input, wherein
the controller determines a contact surface area at an indicated position on the touch panel indicated by the user’s touch operation based on the detection signal,”

Sega could be creating a hand-held console, or they are entering the Video game streaming industry like something similar to Stadia. Maybe they are just creating a mobile port for one of their games, but that’s not “On PS5 Reveal Event” Level, so there’s a big chance that they are creating their hand-held console like Nintendo.

Japanese tech journalists are teasing “revolutionary” news about Sega for 4th June previously rumors were indicating that Sega is partnering with Xbox to release Xbox Series X in Japan under Sega’s name. Still, the stories turned out to be fake as ZhugeEX said that the news is not related to Microsoft at all he stated, “A key opinion leader in China says they have seen the latest Famitsu issue and that they can confidently say that the news is not what has been rumored. (The rumor is that Microsoft would work with Sega to rebrand and launch Series X in Japan). It is something else. To add further clarification. Whatever this Sega news is won’t be related to Microsoft.”


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