Sea of thieves would run at native 4k on xbox one x

Written by Ankit Gaba

Microsoft released their new console this month that runs native 4k but they announced some games on E3 and sea of thieves is one of them the sea of thieves will be officially running in native 4k. Sea of thieves is set to release in 2018 this game would be Xbox one and PC exclusive it is coming out in early 2018 it is based on treasure hunting there will be skeletons, storms and shipwrecks in this game we start on a ship Just take a look at this screenshot of sea of thieves

It is an adventurous game all you have to do is jump into the sea and find the treasure from crashed ships. There could be anything there could be sharks and other dangerous animals. You have to take the treasure to your ship safely, and there will be pirate ship battles too, and there will be Secret hints too you can go to islands, and explore the jungles, caves and, other cool stuff there will be skeletons on the islands. So don’t forget to take your pistol there the skeletons will fire weapons at you. There will be dungeons scary dead skeletons inside there will be secret cave paintings, Traps, waterfalls and deads will become alive and try to kill you in dungeons you need to dig out the treasure. the dead owners of the treasure will try to kill you your crew has to watch your back you have to escape and take the treasure back to your ship safely as stated in the E3 video of the sea of thieves

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