Sea Of Thieves Singleplayer and CO-OP campaign and preorder bonus information

Written by Ankit Gaba

Today, We asked Microsoft to give some information about Sea Of Thieves. We asked them if it has a singleplayer campaign? And they said yes it has a singleplayer campaign. But they have no information about it and Sea of thieves will run at 60fps on the Xbox one x as they said. But what about split screen CO-OP campaign. Yes, it has Split-Screen CO-OP Campaign too. Sea Of thieves will run at full native 4k on Xbox one x. As it’s a Microsoft Exclusive, it will only be

available on Xbox One and PC. And to let you know, when you Pre-order Sea of Thieves, you’ll receive the exclusive Black Dog Pack (containing stylish clothing and items with unique, spectacular designs) as well as a chance to join other pioneering pirates in a Closed Beta ahead of the game’s worldwide launch on March 20th, 2018! As they said. And they said, “When the beta opens, it should be available to all customer’s who pre-ordered the game.” But when will the beta be open? We asked them about beta they said: “We want to release a beta as soon as we can, but not a one-week-before-release beta, a proper beta where we can start observing how people play and get their feedback.”

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