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Resident Evil Village will have multiplayer according to Steam Data Base Page

Written by Ankit Gaba

Yesterday the Resident Evil Village Steam Database was updated, and it seems like they have added a multiplayer tag, which means Resident Evil 8 could include a multiplayer component similar to resistance on Resident Evil 3 Remake (Hopefully, this one is better since Resistance was a disappointment)

As you can see in the image given above, Capcom has changed the store tags and have added a Multiplayer tag. The multiplayer component might be revealed on the Resident Evil Showcase, set to happen on January 21st at 2 PM PST. You will see a brand new trailer for Resident Evil Village and some more information related to Resident Evil Village.

While there is no confirmed release date yet for Resident Evil Village, it is most likely that the game will release this year along with the multiplayer component, and they might sell the multiplayer component separately as well, just like they did with Resident Evil Resistance (but it still managed to die somehow) hopefully it is not the same case with Resident Evil Village’s multiplayer mode, and it stays alive, unlike resistance which died in just a week and it received an abysmal reception from nearly everyone most people just completed the campaign mode of Resident Evil 3 Remake and didn’t even try Resistance there are hardly any players on Resistance matchmaking might take hours (It took around 30-35 minutes a week after launch) I hope that it is not the case with this multiplayer component

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  • Steam tags are user generated, so Capcom has nothing to do with RE:Village tags, as it is stated on the article. This means absolutely nothing.

    • It is applied by Capcom themselves when someone uses a tag on an upcoming game; it does not show in Steam Database. It only shows up when the publisher does it.

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