Resident Evil Village Physical Copies spotted in the wild

Written by Ankit Gaba

Resident Evil Village’s Physical Copies apparently have broken the street date in some places, so you should beware of all the spoilers because this is the final version of Resident Evil Village we are talking about. Some people on Twitter have shown the boxes of their game but have not leaked any information about the game yet, but you should still look out because spoilers might get out in no time.
Here is an image of the box:

The person said that it took around 27 GB on his PlayStation 5; there is no day one update out yet. Just mute the words related to Resident Evil Village on Twitter and do not go to YouTube if you want to avoid spoilers, but if you wanna risk it, then go for it. Also, this copy seems to be middle eastern so if you are middle eastern, try your local game stores if you want to play the game early, but if you aren’t, just try your best to avoid spoilers and wait until 7 May, which is the initial release date for Resident Evil Village just wait and avoid spoilers.
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