Resident Evil Village might only be on Next-Gen Consoles and the Multiplayer Mode is named “RE:Verse”

Written by Ankit Gaba

A few minutes ago, Xbox Tweeted about the Resident Evil Village Pre-Orders, and it seems like Resident Evil Village is Next-Gen only from the tweet since the tweet did not include Xbox One. The tweet was deleted some minutes later.

This is not the only thing that points toward Resident Evil Village being Next-Gen only because there are no mentions of the Xbox One version on the Xbox Website, and it is the same case with the PlayStation Website.

Source: PlayStation
Source: Xbox

This might have just confirmed that Resident Evil Village is only gonna be on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC, not the last-gen consoles.

Let’s talk about the multiplayer listing we posted about the multiplayer being in Resident Evil Village yesterday, but now it is officially confirmed by Capcom, and it is named Re: Reverse according to the Humble Bundle Store.


While there is no confirmed release date yet for Resident Evil Village, it is most likely that the game will release this year along with the multiplayer component, and they might sell the multiplayer component separately as well, just like they did with Resident Evil Resistance (but it still managed to die somehow) hopefully it is not the same case with Resident Evil Village’s multiplayer mode, and it stays alive, unlike resistance which died in just a week and it received an abysmal reception from nearly everyone most people just completed the campaign mode of Resident Evil 3 Remake and didn’t even try Resistance there are hardly any players on Resistance matchmaking might take hours (It took around 30-35 minutes a week after launch) I hope that it is not the case with this multiplayer component

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