Resident Evil: Village Maiden Demo Impressions

Written by Danny Cruzatty

Throughout the years, Resident Evil has always been an icon for the gaming industry, from its origins as a fixed camera, backtracking based survival horror to its days as a more action-oriented third-person shooter and now back to its roots with Resident Evil 7 and the Resident Evil 2 and 3 re-imaginations. The village is the next instalment in the Resident Evil franchise, and its Maiden Demo is available for PlayStation 5 users to get a taste of what is coming.

Despite the most recent Resident Evil 2 and 3 Re-imaginations being third-person shooters, Resident Evil Village returns to the first person camera like its direct prequel Resident Evil 7. From that alone, We can already imagine how the game is shaping up to be, and Maiden only confirms that Resident Evil Village will return to its puzzle backtracking based survival horror approach, this with new tweaks to its gameplay and a fantastic display of next-generation consoles capabilities (despite being announced for current-gen as well) such as enhanced shadows and reflections thanks to its Ps5’s Ray Tracing along with DualSense’s haptic feedback which in all honesty can’t be put into words, but adds quite a bit to every game where its properly implemented, and all with a targeted 60fps framerate which despite few dips is promised to be properly optimised for the final game.
Maiden manages to instantly immerse the player into its atmosphere and builds up tension through what the player cannot see as you have to find the way and resources to escape. This short experience is the perfect spoon of what’s to come, with Capcom promising a larger game than Resident Evil 7 and all the secrets teased but yet to be discovered in trailers and gameplay footage Resident Evil Village is looking like a proper continuation of Resident Evil 7’s aim to recover the identity of the franchise after Resident Evil 5 and 6 left many fans and newcomers disappointed. By all means, if you have a PlayStation 5, make sure to check out this demo which is also teased about being referred in the game itself to be released on May 7, 2021, for PlayStation 4/Pro/5, Xbox One/S/X/Series S/Series X and PC through Steam to be bundled with Resident Evil: Verse a standalone multiplayer game.
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